Some of our themes allows you to set a featured image to display in your header (i.e. instead of a slideshow). Follow the instructions below to perform this.
TIP: The size for your feature image will depend on your theme. It is a good idea to crop and scale your image before setting it up as a Featured Image. Go to the Add & Crop Slides instructions to do this.

Video Add a Featured Header Image



  1. Open the page in which you want to set the Featured Image on.
  2. In right hand side area look for the Feature Image field. Usually at the bottom.
  3. Click on Set Featured Image link.
  4. An Add Media screen will appear. To get your image choose from:
    Upload Files: Click on Select File to select a file from your computer,
    Media/Images Media Library (recommended): select the file that has already been uploaded /edited from your Media Library.
    If you have used the Add/Crop Slides option to crop your images to the correct size, then you can search for the cropped images by typing ‘cropped’ into the search field as below:
    addCroppedImageHeader [br] [br]  [br]  [br]  [br]  [br]  [br]  [br]  [br]  [br]  [br]  [br]  [br]
  5. When your Feature Image is set successfully it will be displayed in Feature Image field.
  6. Now you can View your Page and check your image in your page header.