Error trapping is set to ensure that if a visitor to your website tries to access a page that doesn’t exist – either through incorrect spelling or because a page address has changed – instead of being presented with a blank page, or worse an error message, you can set what is presented to them.


Here is an example of what would be displayed for an invalid page address:



You can change both the message (as bordered in red in image) and set as to whether or not a site map should also be displayed (as bordered in blue in image).

Instructions to modify your error trapping settings.

  1. Log into your website administration
  2. From General Settings menu group select ‘Error Trapping
    Note: This menu option may not be present in some themes in which case from ‘General Settings’ menu group select ‘Header/Footer Script’
  3. Select Errors tab
    Note: This tab option may not be present in some themes in which case select ‘CSS/Script’ tab
  4. Amend ‘Error Message‘ content as required.
  5. Set to show or hide site map as required.
  6. Scroll down and click Save Options button.

If any pages are displaying in your sitemap that you do not wish to be displayed you can exclude them from being displayed. Click here for instructions.
We recommend you also clear your website cache following changes to your error trapping settings otherwise changes will not be visible until next scheduled clearance of site cache. Click here for instructions.