If you are an iBex client your website is integrated with your iBex account, this section is key to interfacing your website to your iBex account. To access your iBex Settings go to Theme Options > iBex Config from your website admin menu:

iBex Interface Configuration

  • iBex Account Code: This is the property’s username for your iBex account (highlighted in red in image below).
    iBex Propery Code: This is a unique 4 digit number for your property which is used predominantly for external parties (highlighted in yellow in image below).
    Important: These codes are extremely important to keep, they are used to integrate and link your website to your iBex account – don’t delete or change. If these details are changed contact our support team immediately for assistance.
  • Booking Page Address – This is the URL / Permalink from your Booking page. This page will be launched from the availability search widget (usually positioned in the sidebar) in addition to from the site menu.
  • Booking Screen Style – Select the font size you prefer for your booking screen: Small or Large.
  • Agent Code – Enter the agent code if required here.
  • If you have made any changes on this screen don’t forget to click the Save Changes button.

iBex Rooms Page Settings

Previously you had the option here to set preferences for the Rooms & Rates page on your website. You can now hide or show the details for your rooms, such as Book Now button, room price, occupancy and bedding configuration on a per page basis. Go to Pages -> Rooms & Rates (or the page name you wish to edit), and follow the instructions below.



  • Go to Pages > Rooms & Rates or Accommodation (depending which page you are wanting to edit).
  • In the Page Type widget, you can change the settings for this page as below.
  • Header Type: Depending on your theme, here you can set to have the page header as a Slideshow, Featured Image, or Short (no header).
  • Slideshow ID: Here you can specify a slideshow ID if you do not wish to use the default slideshow. To find the ID, go to Media / Images -> Manage Slideshows and the ID is under the Shortcode column and is usually a 3 digit number.
  • Page Style: Here you can choose whether to have your Sidebar to the left or right, or to have no sidebar.
  • Extra Content: This option lets you select which information from iBex you wish to display, for this example we are using iBex Room Details.
  • Room ID: This allows you to enter specific iBex Room ID’s if you do not wish to display all of your room types on this page. To get the correct room ID go to Search/Maintain Room Types in your iBex account (the room ID is on the left in red). Click the blue ‘Plus’ button to add more than one room ID.
  • Book Button Label: This allows you to enter the text that will appear on your Book Now buttons.
  • Photo Width: This slider allows you to select a percentage for the width of your room photos in relation to the page width.
  • Book Room Button Display: Show or Hide the  room button
  • Room Price Display: Show or hide the room price
  • Room Occupancy: Show or hide the room occupancy
  • Room Bedding Display: Show or hide the bedding configuration
  • Once you have set your preferences click on the Update button to save the page.

iBex Rate Calendar Settings

In this section you can set preferences for your Availability/Rate Calendar

  • Select the colours for Header and Footer, Fonts, Rows and Borders:
  • Select Minimum Stays Display – All or First Available
    Unavailable Stay Display – Show or hide
  • Rate Calendar Width – Select With or Sidebar or Full Width
  • Number of Days to Display – If amending this setting you may also need to adjust column widths (fields below) making sure totals equal 100%. Don’t forget to factor in No of date columns when calculating 100%.
  • Columns Width – Set as required in % as per number of columns set before.
  • When happy with your settings click the Save Changes button.