There are a number of factors that are guaranteed to turn-off visitors to your website. Turn offs can be defined as anything that impedes the user to engage with your content and feel motivated to keep looking at your site. Here we have a list with the most common website Turn Offs.

Flashing images

Keep moving images to a minimum – they distract from your message and if your visitor does not have high speed internet they may lose patience waiting for your site to load.


Many visitors will research their holiday on their work PC. If your site has sound make sure it does not auto start or else you may find visitors to your site departing within seconds.

Load Speed

Large images and 3rd party scripts (Google Analytics, Google Maps, Trip Advisor, Twitter, Facebook, etc) can slow loading of your website. Use with caution.

Excessively long pages

Pages should generally be no longer than three screen-fulls (scrolls). Also, bear in mind that most people scan web pages rather that read in detail (until they find the specific page they seek).

Complicated navigation

The big rule here is don’t confuse and frustrate your visitor. Keep your Navigation simple so they can move around your site and find what they need easily.

Links opening in the same window

You should always be careful with your links inside your website, make sure when they click on them a new tab or window will open, otherwise you draw your visitors away from your site with no easy way to get back. You can manage this with the target attribute for your link. When editing your link set the target as _blank.