The Social Media Widget is a simple sidebar widget that allows you to display your social media profiles and other subscription options. Entering the URL in the social media field will display the right icon automatically.

We may need to activate this plugin for you, please email if you are unsure.


1. To add the widget to your Sidebar or Footer you will need to go to General Settings -> Widgets.

2. You will then need to expand either the Sidebar or Footer area that you wish to add your social media icons to as below (click the small arrow icon to the right):


3. Next you will need to drag the Social Media Widget from your Available Widgets into the Sidebar Widget, and position this where you would like the icons to sit as below:

4. You can then expand the Social Media Widget section to edit your social media page links as below:

5. You can add in a Title to display above your social media icons, or leave blank.

6. The next section to edit will be the Icon size, which we would recommend to have as the default of 32 pixels.

7. You can then expand the Social Networking Area to add in the page addresses for your social media pages, and likewise for any section such as Images and Gaming.

8. If the plugin does not have your desired Social Media option then you can expand the Custom Services section and add in your own.

9. If you are adding a link in the Custom Services section then you will need to add in your own URL for the image you wish to use.

First you will need to upload the desired image into your Media Library. You can then go to Media/Images -> Library and click on the appropriate image to retrieve the URL as below:

10. Once you have finished adding in your Social Media links you will need to click the blue Save button at the bottom of the widget.

You will also need to clear your website cache to ensure your website viewers can see this new content – please click here for instructions.

You should then see the social media icons at the front end of your website.