The Footer Widget Holders allow you to add, arrange and remove content in your website footer area. Most of our themes come with footer areas to use, and the number of these vary in each theme.


  • From your main navigation menu go to General Settings > Widgets
  • In the widget holders area (right hand side) locate the Footer Widgets Holders, Click on the arrow to the right to expand (open).
  • In the image below you can see the Footer 1 open. This holder contains the Sub pages Widget, which displays the sub-pages related to the current page in your site.
  • Now the Footer 2 is holding the Link widget, this widget displays the list of links you have stored in you Link Manager.
  • As you open each Footer Holder you will find different Widgets, you can use the same widget multiple times and in different Widget Holders and they can always be moved around to the position you like.