You can now add a currency converter widget to your website – either within individual page content, into your sidebar, or both. Multiple widgets can be placed on a single page or post.

A range of colour options are available and you can set a horizontal or vertical layout (refer below)

vertical currencywidget
horizontal currency widget


Follow the instructions below to embed a currency converter into your website.
You may have to scroll down to see all fields.

1. Log into your website administration.

2. Open required page or post (if adding to sidebar open sidebar page) in edit mode.

3. Position cursor where you wish to add the currency widget.

4. Click ShortCodes button (See example image below)
ShortCodes Button



5. At Shortcode Categories select General Quick Codes

6. At Select Shortcode select Currency Converter

7. Default heading for your currency widget is ‘Currency Converter’ – update as required

8. Select from currency. We recomend this is set the same as your selling currency.

9. Select to currency. We recommend this is set to the currency of your most common international visitor location.

10. Update starting amount from 1 (optional).

11. Select required layout (1-vertical or 2-horizontal).

12. Set required width.  Recommendations are 550-700 for horizontal, 180-250 for vertical.

13. Select colour scheme.

14.  Select desired border style (rounded or standard/square).

15. Click button Insert Shortcode

16. Click Update/Publish button to save your page or post.

If on previewing your page/post the widget width isn’t quite right you can edit the shortcode. Don’t forget to update your page/post afterwards.