The Slideshow Widget allows you to display the slideshow of your choice in the Slideshow header area of your theme.


  1. When we set up a website for our clients we create a Slideshow usually called Header Banner. Look for your slideshow in your Slideshow Manager screen under Media/Images.
    tip: If you want to edit the content for your slideshow, follow instructions on how to Edit Slideshow, if this is the case you don’t need to do anything in the Slideshow Widget.
  2. From your main navigation menu go to General Settings > Widgets
  3. In the widget holders area (right hand side) locate the Slideshow Widget Holder. Click on the arrow to the right to expand (open).
  4. Once you open the Slideshow Widget Holder you will see the Slideshows Widget on it, this widget allow us to choose a slideshow to display in the slideshow area. In our case the header banner slideshow, as highlighted in image.
  5. If you create a new slideshow for your slideshow area, choose the new one from the drop down menu and click Save at the bottom of the widget.