Once you have got people visiting your website you need to engage them to your content and secure their business with you.

Maintain a clear navigation and site structure

While it is important to have sufficient content in your pages (we recommend 3 paragraphs as a minimum) too much should be broken into sub pages.

Create great content

One important element of creating a successful website is to concentrate on delivering the best possible experience for your user by creating content that people will link and share because it is great. When creating your content make sure it is useful and informative, and that it provides extra value compared to your competitors.

Area information

If you are an accommodation/tourist provider, provide information such as local history, legends, events and activities. This will be of particular interest to overseas visitors and you will appear to them to be well informed and they may wish to extend their stay to engage in activities you have suggested.

Image galleries and videos

Seeing is believing. Make sure you have viewed any videos in their entirety to ensure they don’t infringe any copyright, include competitor references or contain inappropriate language or gestures.