With our CMS websites you can easily style the fonts for your site. Modify size, colour and font family to customise your site and match your business branding.


  • Login to your website.
  • From the website admin menu (left hand side) go to Theme Options > Typography.
  • The Typography/Font Styling manager screen will open, see sample image below.
    Note that while you make changes to your fonts you can see an instant preview underneath its settings.
  • To the left hand side you will see all the different fonts you can style in your website: Body Fonts, Sidebar Titles, Footer, Headings, etc. The number of fonts available to style will vary according to your theme.
  • In the drop down menu you can select the Font Family. Select from a huge number of Google Fonts!
  • In the next drop down menu to the right select the Font Style: normal, bold, book, italic, etc.
  • In the Font Size box enter the desired size in pixels (just the number – do nor enter ‘px’ after)
  • To set a colour for your font click the Select Color button to open the colour picker. Move your mouse around the colour wheel to select a colour or enter the hexadecimal number at the top, if you have a specific colour for your brand.
  • Repeat the steps above for all the different fonts you want to style. After you have set your preferences click the Save Changes button, you will find it at the top and the bottom of the page.