You can amend your page web address to make them ‘search engine friendly’. It is recommended to use keywords that are important to your business.
Tip: Search Engines don’t like very long addresses – try to keep your permalink down to 3-4 keywords.


  1. Open the page you want to amend the permalink.
  2. As you see in the image below we are amending the permalink for our page called America.
    You can find the Permalink: area just below the page title – and the yellow highlight indicates the area that you can edit. Click on Edit button to the right.
  3. In the next image below you can see that we have amended the permalink to best holiday in america.
    tip: don’t worry about the spaces, WordPress will place hyphens in between automatically.
  4. When you have finished editing the permalink, click on OK button.
  5. To save your changes click on Update button.