Newsletters are short publications that list articles of information about your company/business. They are published and/or send periodically to a group of people. Newsletters that are sent ‘electronically’ are called ’email newsletters’. A professional newsletter has an attractive template and clearly outlined sections for readers to browse.

WPNewsman is a nice plugin for WordPress for collecting subscribers and sending newsletters to them. It has many interesting features such as multiple list and forms, subscribers’ import and export, template’s store, HTML editor.

This plugis comes in two versions, our CMS Websites provide the Lite Version:

WP Newsmand Lite Version – free version which offers all basic features necessary for a newsletter system. The Lite version is limited to 200 subscribers.

The benefits of sending newsletters:

  • Position your brand/business
  • Keep in touch with your customers and subscribers
  • Keep your customers interest on what you are doing
  • Brand yourself as an expert and build confidence in your services
  • Help you get more business from current clients or repeat business from former clients


After we install and activate the plugin for you – if not installed already – you will see the WPNewsman menu in your WordPress menu.

menuThe menu contains 6 items:
Mailbox – where you can create and send newsletters to subscribers.
Lists and Forms – where you can manage lists, subscribers and opt-in forms.
Email Templates – where you can manage default system templates used in the subscription process and create new templates for your newsletters.
Action Pages – here you can customize the pages used in the double opt-in process such as the subscription confirmation page, “Thank You” page, unsubscribe confirmation page etc.
Settings – here you can enter all the necessary settings for newsletter sending and bounced email handling.
License Key – here you can enter the personal key to convert the free version of the plugin into the Pro version.

WPNewsman automatically configures all necessary settings. You can go through the Settings to check if everything is setup correctly and make adjustments if necessary. The Settings are very well organized and here you can find everything you can imagine. Go to our article General Settings for more instructions on how to configure your WPNewsman.