With subscription forms your visitors can subscribe themselves to receive your email newsletters.  By default WpNewsman uses three fields in the subscription form: first name, last name and email address. You can customize the subscription form as you need to gather the subscriber’s information that meets your marketing needs.

You can display your subscription form in your sidebar or footer area just by adding the widget in the right area.

Click the tabs below to learn how to edit and add subscription forms to your site.



  1. Go to List and Forms under WPNewsman menu.
  2. Locate the form list you want to edit, hover over the name and click on Edit Form link.

Form Builder

  1. Here you can modify the subscription form. You will see the default form and fields: First Name, Last Name and Email.
  2. Click on Add Field drop down menu to see the available extra fields, select one of them and click to add.
  3. The new field is added at the bottom of the form. To re-order the field, drag and drop it at the desired positioning.
  4. To edit any field click on it and amend its option in the yellow box to the right.
  5. For a text field, you can check the Required box to make the field required for completion and you can check the Use inline labels option to display the field names inside the field.
  6. To remove a field that is no longer required click on the x that appears to its right when you hover over it.
  7. For radio buttons, you can edit each custom option and you can add the Genders radio buttons block for selection.
  8. For a drop down menu, you can add your custom options and you can add Countries or States drop down menu to your form.
  9. To add a text block with HTML elements including an image, click on Add Field and select HTML. This way you can add your own header and footer to the subscription form and include an image above or below the form.
  10. To rename the Subscribe button, select it and modify the buttons as you want using the options at the right side.
  11. Click on Save button to save your changes.



  1. Go to General Settings > Widgets.
  2. Locate the WPNewsman Subscription Form in Available Widget area.
  3. By dragging n dropping, place the form widget in your sidebar or footer widget holders.
  4. Once it is place in the right area, click on the arrow to open. Select the List you want the subscribers to be added to and click on Save button.