The WPNewsman plugin comes with seven pre-configured messages that are used to show messages addressed to the user after he takes an action. They are called Action Pages.

For example after the user subscribes, they receive the Confirmation Required message, and after the user confirms the subscription, they receive the Thank you message.

List of Action Pages

  • Already subscribed and verified – Tells the user that his email address is already subscribed and confirmed.
  • Bad email address format – Asks the user to enter a valid email address.
  • Change subscription – Asks the user to click to make changes in their subscription.
  • Confirmation required – Asks the user to confirm the subscription.
  • Confirmation successful – Thanks the user for confirming his subscription.
  • Subscription not yet confirmed – Tells the user that his email address is already subscribed but not confirmed.
  • Successfully unsubscribed – Tells the user that he was successfully unsubscribed from the mailing list.

To edit action pages messages

  • Click on Action Pages under WPNewsman Lite menu.
  • Hover over the action page you want to edit and click Edit link.
  • The page will open in Edit Mode, make the changes you need and click on Update button.