For better control over your page layout and image and text formatting we recommend to use the PageBuilder.

Click here for video instructions to convert your page content to the PageBuilder.

When creating or editing a WordPress page, you can easily add images at any time using the WordPress Media Uploader tool. Here’s how to add an image, step-by-step, using the media uploader.

Video Add image into a Page

[video-player url=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″]


  1. Open the page you want to add an image in.
  2. In your content area position the cursor where you want to insert your image.
  3. Click on Add Media button just above your tool panel.
  4. The Insert Media screen will open. You have two options:
    Upload Files: to upload files from your computer, or
    Media Library: to use images already uploaded and stored in your Media Library.
  5. In Attachment Details panel (see image below) displays a small un-cropped thumbnail of the image, as well as important information such as the file name, date uploaded, and image dimensions in pixels.
    Enter a meaningful Title – the use of keyword is recommended.
    Enter Alternate Text to describe the media – this text will show when you hover over your image in the front end of your site.
  6. The Attachment Display Settings panel controls how the image is displayed when viewed on the site. Here you can set alignment, the link to the image and size.
  7. When you are happy with your image and your settings click on Insert into page button.