To display a video in your website is simple using the Video Player shortcode. It is recommended to display videos hosted in video-sharing websites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

WordPress allows you to upload videos to your Media Library and display it on your website, however this practice is not recommended because this will cost you bandwidth. Plus WordPress will probably need more plugins to display and manage your videos – these plugins will also increase your server load and slow down your website.

Hosting videos in video sharing websites, like YouTube and Vimeo, can also increase your visibility as they are some of the most visited sites in the world. If visitors find your videos in YouTube they can know your name, your website and your business.


  1. From Dashboard/Page Tree View locate and open the page in which you want to display your video.
  2. Locate the ShortCodeUI icon in the format panel and click on it.
  3. The ShorCodes UI panel will open.
  4. From the drop down menu Shortcode Categories select: General Quick Codes or All Shortcodes
    Then from Select Shortcode menu select: Video (YouTube/Vimeo)
  5.  In Shortcode Attributes enter the URL for your video and width and height in pixels.
    important note:  you need to get the embed URL for the shortcode to display the video, take a look in next tab “Get YouTube embed URL” for instructions.
  6. Click on Insert Shortcode button. The Video player shortcode will be inserted in your page.
  7. Click on Publish or Update button to save your work and View your page to check your video displayed.



  1. From the YouTube video screen locate the Share options right under the video.
  2. Click on Share link and then Embed link.
  3. From the embed code area you just need the url area highlighted below, from the www. until the end of the url, just before the quotation mark ()
    Copy the highlighted code (Ctrl+C) and the Paste it (Ctrl+V) in the url field in the Video Player URL field after the http://
    note: follow instructions in previous tab “Insert Video in a page” to display the video in your page.