The Page Builder row layout options are available in any page that you create. They can be accessed in the panel on the right Add Content > Row Layouts.

To begin customizing your page layout, drag and drop a row layout of your choice onto the page. You can then roll over the row that you just dragged onto the page to see the available options for that row. For any row that you drag onto a page, you can move it using the move icon, modify settings using the tool icon duplicate the row and lastly, delete it using the x icon.

Row Settings > Style

You can change the color of any text that inserted with the available modules. This is helpful if you will have a background color or photo for the row. This will apply to any module inserted into the individual row. You can also specify a color for the background of the row or a photo and a border on any side. If you select a photo, several other options are available to you to get it looking just how you want.

Row Settings > Advanced

For each row, you can specify individual margins/padding if desired for unique spacing in content layouts. The ability to hide the row whether on desktop or mobile is available as well. You can also find the input areas to add a CSS id or class to a row.