The Page Builder allows you to choose whether you want any specific element to show for Larger Screens; Large and Medium Devices; or Smaller Screens only.

  • Open any page with the Page Builder
  • Click the edit option (the spanner icon) for the element or row that you wish to edit
  • For my example, I have a Row with a large image that I do not wish to display for mobiles.


  • You edit options will open up
  • Navigate to the ‘Advanced’ tab
  • Scroll down till you see the heading ‘Responsive Layout’
  • You will have the option to display:
    – Always
    – Large devices only
    – Large and medium devices only
    – Medium devices only
    – Medium and small devices only
    – Small devices only

Please note that when editing the page with the Page Builder, all content will be visible and editable.