You have the choice when managing menu titles and menu position through setting directly in the applicable page or through the new format drag n drop menu builder. All our ‘off the shelf’ template designs support the drag n drop menu builder however may not have it turned on by default. If this is the case feel free to contact us for assistance.

The drag n drop menu builder enables you to visually build your menu and drag items to position. You can even add links to 3rd party websites into your menu. Most important to note is that new pages are not automatically added to your menu when using drag n drop menu builder but must be manually added. Likewise when you delete a page you must also delete it from the menu.

Although the drag and drop menu builder will arrange your menu physically/visually, it is still important to use the parent/child pages option when editing each page, as this controls the address of the page.

As an example you might have a Camping page that you position under Accommodation in your menu.
When editing the Camping page you would select Accommodation as the parent to give the Menu/URL structure.
So with Accommodation as the parent, the page address for Camping would be:

Without selecting parent pages, your menu would have no structure for search engines to understand.



  1. Log in to your website.
  2. From your left panel menu click on Menu Builder (just under Media/Images) The Menus screen will be presented to you.
  3. In Menu Name create your first menu.
  4. Click on Create Menu button.
  5. tip: when your menu is created the different box option will be activated.
  6. To start adding items to your menu go to Pages box
  7.  Click on the pages you want to add to your menu and click on Add to Menu button.