You can add as many menu items as you want when using the Menu Builder. Remember that when you create a new page – and you are using the Menu Builder – you need to manually add the page menu item to your menu.


From your left panel menu click on Menu Builder.

  1. Go the the pages box and locate the page you want to add to your menu as a Menu Item.
  2. Locate the page and click on it to it add to your menu. In this example we are adding the page Directions
  3. Click on Add to Menu button.
    Note: By default your new menu item will appear at the bottom of your menu..
  4. Hover over your new menu item and drag and drop it to the position you want.
  5. To drag and drop just hold your mouse left button and hold.
  6. When finish click on Save Menu Button.
  7. You can use the Menu Builder to create First Level, Second Level, and Third Level menu items by clicking and dragging the items into order as below: