If you are using the drag and drop Menu Builder to manage your navigation menu, you can add links to external websites if you wish – not only to your existing pages.


  1. Go to Menu Builder in left panel.
  2. Locate the Custom Link box (see image)
    customLink [br] [br]  [br]  [br]  [br]  [br]  [br]  [br]  [br]  [br]  [br]  [br]  [br]
  3. In URL field enter the web address for your external link (In this case http://metservice.com)
  4. In Link Text enter the name to display in your menu (in this case Metservice)
  5. Click on Add to Menu button..
  6. By default all new menu item will appear at the bottom of your menu.
  7. Hover over your menu item and by drag and dropping move it to the required position in your menu.
  8. When happy with your item positioning click on Save Menu button