An Email Forwarder allows you to forward emails from an email account at your domain to another existing email account.

For example, you could create an email address for your business (i.e. info@, sales@, contact@, etc) and forward these emails to your current Gmail/Xtra/Yahoo!/etc. address where you would like to check your emails. This allows you to have as many aliases as you want and check them all in a single account.

The benefits of using a forwarder email are:

  • you keep using your favourite email service (Gmail, Xtra, Yahoo!)
  • you can start using this forwarder email account in your website and stationary to give your branding a more professional look (i.e. instead of
  • you avoid the sometimes complex process of moving to a new email server and configure email clients.

We can set up an email forwarder in cPanel for customers using our websites hosted by us. Many of them are already using this service, mainly because they are already using a Gmail or Xtra account and don’t want to move to another web client or email hosting provider.

The process of setting up email forwarding is pretty simple and quick. If you have any more questions about email forwarding or want us to set it up for you don’t hesitate to contact us.