Below are the instructions needed to update email settings for email client.

Windows Mail

  1. Open Windows Mail and click the Cog Wheel to open settings.


2. In the settings options select Manage Accounts.

3. Click the email account to edit.


4. In the pop up window select Change Mailbox Sync Settings.


5.  Update Incoming and Outgoing mail servers to


6. Click Done, and the Save.



Thunderbird Mail


  1. Right click over your email account in the left hand side and select Settings.


2. Select Server Settings from the left hand side.



3. Update the Server Name to



4. Select the Outgoing Server from the left hand side. Select the email and as highlighted blue below, and click Edit.



5. Update the Server Name to and click OK.


6. Click OK to save the changes.

Outlook Mail

  1. Select File from the menu.

2. Click on Account Settings, and select Account Settings again.

3. Select your email account from the list, and click Change.

4. Update the Incoming and Outgoing server name to and click Next.

5. If you click on More Settings, you can check the Incoming and Outgoing Server Ports.

For IMAP the incoming port should be 993 with SSL selected.

For POP3 the incoming port should be 995 with SSL selected.

The Outgoing port should be 465 with SSL selected.

5. Outlook will then send test emails. Once complete, click Close.

6. Click Finish on the next screen and you are done.

Apple Mail

1. Open Mail on your Mac.

2. With the Mail application open, select Mail -> Preferences from the menu.


3. From the pop up menu, select Accounts, make sure the correct email is selected on the left hand side, and click on Server Settings.

4. Update the incoming and Outgoing Server to and click Save.