A 404 or Error page, is a page that visitors arrive to if the address they have entered or clicked on does not exist on your website.

With our Custom theme, you can create a custom page in your website to display to your website users.

You will have a default 404 page already in your website which you may wish to edit.

To check which page is currently being used we can open the 404 Error Page plugin which you will find this under Menu Builder -> 404 Error Page in your dashboard menu..

On the 404 Page settings we can see the page that is currently set to be displayed. In our case the page is called ‘404 error’.

To edit this page we can go to Pages -> Directory View.
Locate the page in your directory and click on the Edit link.

With the WordPress edit page open, we can change the Title and URL of the page if we wish.

It is important to have the ‘Exclude from Search Results’ option ticked.

Click Update if you change any settings on this page.


To style or edit content on the page, click the Launch Page Builder button.

Edit the style of the page using the Page Builder – click here for instructions on using the Page Builder.