When you have any page open with the Page Builder loaded, you can access the Basic Modules section from the menu on the right hand side.

If your Page Builder menu is hidden, click the ‘Add Content’ link at the top right of your screen.

Basic Modules is what you will use for most of the standard content, such as adding Headings; Text; Photos; and Buttons.

basic modules


The Button module is exactly that, a button that you insert into your layout to lead visitors elsewhere within your site or to an external link. You can specify the text for the button, where it should link to as well as if it should open in a new tab or window. In terms of styling, there are a variety of options available to you in the style tab for colors, fonts and general appearance.


The Heading option should be used for any headings on your page.

The General tab will allow you to add your text, and if you want the heading to be a link.


Proceed to the Style tab, where you can choose the style for your heading. To keep your website consistent, we recommend to use the default styling for any fonts/headings – and set your font styling under Theme Options -> Typography click here for instructions

For the Heading Settings you can choose the HTML tag as seen below, which will then follow the style rules you have set in the link above.


Proceed to the Advanced tab if you wish to change any Margins, or wish this Heading to only be displayed for certain device sizes as below.


Click Save when you are finished.


The Photo Module allows you to add any image to the page, as with any WordPress page you can select an image from your Media Library, or upload an image directly to the page.

Click the Select photo link, and then choose to add an image from your Media Library or to Upload an image.

select photo

When you have chosen/uploaded your image, click the Select Photo link to add this to the page.

Click Save when you are finished.

Text Editor

The Text Editor Module gives you the functionality of the default WordPress editor, where you can add any Text, Images, or Tables as required.


The Video module allows you to add embedded Videos from Youtube or Vimeo. We recommend to embed your Videos, rather than upload to your Media Library.

Instructions to get your Embed code


Click the Share link, and then the Embed option, and copy the iframe code as below.



Click the Share link, and then copy the Embed iframe code as below.


Add code to Pagebuilder

Click and drag the Video option from your Pagebuilder menu and position this where you would like it to show in the page.

You will get a popup screen, and you will need to select the Embed option and paste in your Embed code.

Save when you are finished.