Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about visitors to a website, it is the most widely used web analytics application.

Although sites hosted by Seekom are provided with a very good web statistics package (AWSTATS), opinion is that Google likes it’s supporters and will therefore better rank websites with a Google Analytics account code embedded. We therefore recommend you sign up for and link Google Analytics into your website (free for our customers who have a WordPress CMS website hosted by us) even if you don’t spend time analysing the statistics generated.

  1. Sign Up for an account
    To sign up for Google Analytics you will first require a Google email (gmail) account – if don’t have one already go to Google homepage ( and click on the Mail link. Click on Create an Account button.
  2. Set up account properties.
    Google Analytics is flexible and can support different account configurations, but your setup affects how data appears in your reports. To help plan your setup, consult the articles in Google’s overview of accounts, users, properties, and views.
  3. Set up your tracking code.
    Google Analytics will assign a tracking code for your website. This code needs to be added to your website.
    If you have a WordPress CMS website hosted by Seekom provide us with your Google Analytics account code (will start UA-), or send the script to Seekom Support to add to your website (no charge).

Understanding Google Analytics

Follow this link to access the Google Analytics Help Documentation > click here

Smashing Magazine has a very interesting article about GA > click here to see article

Below are video links providing instructions on understanding and analysing your Google Analytics Account.
Introduction to Google Analytics (7 mins)
Google Analytics – Reporting (9 mins)