For each image uploaded to your Media Library you have some basic editing options available – crop, rotate, flip and resize.
Also it is a good practice to edit the Image Title and Alternative Text for Search Engine purposes, we recommend the use of keywords.

Although WordPress does have functionality to allow you to crop and resize images, this functionality leaves a lot to be desired. We recommend to use an online crop tool prior to uploading your images.

Click here for video instructions to crop and resize your images online.

Edit an Image in Media Library Video

[video-player url=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″]


  1. Click on Media/Images link in left panel. The Media Library will be presented to you.
  2. Locate required image file on your Media Library and hover over it and click on Edit link.
  3. The Edit Media Screen will be open.
    From here you can change:
    Title – give a meaningful title with keywords on it
    Captionenter caption text to display under your photo
    Alternative Text – copy the same Title text or enter a brief image description (the Alt Text will be shown when you hover over the image).
  4. To edit the image click on Edit Image button under the picture
  5. Just above the image you can see 7 icons: Crop, Rotate left and right, Flip vertically and horizontally, Undo and Redo.
    Use this icons as required to edit your image.
  6. Scale Image – Resizing
    You can proportionally scale any original image in your Media Library. For best results the scaling should be done before performing any other operations on it (crop, rotate, etc.). Note that if you make the image larger it may become fuzzy.
  7. Click on the Scale Image link to reveal the editing fields.
  8. If you then change the width (first field), you will notice that the height (second field) will adjust automatically and proportionally. Once finished, click Scale to finalize the action.edit-media-05
  9. If you’re sure you would like to restore the image, click on the Restore image button. The image should then revert back to its original form, and you will receive a message that the restoration was successful.
  10. When you are happy with your image editing click on Update button at right hand side.