You can edit your slideshows anytime after they have been created. You can add or delete new slides, change the order of them, amend titles and captions etc.


  1. From the main menu go to Media / Images > Manage Slides.
    You will be taken to the Slideshow Manager screen.
  2. In your Slideshow Manage screen will be a list with your current slideshows. Select the Slideshow you want to edit and click on it.
  3. The slideshow will open in Edit Mode, at the top you can change title of the slideshow.
  4. In Images panel:
    – Click and drag any images to rearrange the order.
    – Click on the blue i icon to edit the Title, Alt Text, Captions etc.
    – Click the red x icon to remove any image.
    – Click the Select Files button to upload images from your computer, or the Click Here to Insert Other Image Sources button to add images from your media library or a Video or HTML slide.
  5. Click the Config tab at the top of the page to edit the settings for your slideshow. Here you can set the Theme, Dimensions and general settings for the slideshow.
  6. Click the Mobile tab to change settings specifically for mobiles.
  7. Click the Thumbnails tab to enable/disable thumbnails for your slideshow.
  8. Click the Misc tab to add/edit slider slugs, and add/edit custom CSS for your slideshow.
  9. Once you have finished editing your slideshow options click on the Update button at the top right of the page.