With single property websites you have the option to show all room types on a rooms page, or you can create multiple room pages and show specific IDs. For example a holiday park may wish to have a motel units page, cabins page, sites page – all displaying these room types only.

If you wish to display only specific room IDs on a rooms page you will need to obtain room IDs from Seekom iBex and set the page template. Instructions are provided below:

Obtain Room IDs from Seekom iBex

  • Log into Seekom iBex
  • From ‘Room Types’ menu group select  ‘Search Room Types’
  • Make sure you are on the ‘Room Types’ tab
  • Room Types will be displayed along with their IDs in the first column (note IDs as required).  See example screen image below.
    Room Types & IDs

Set and Configure Template Page: Rooms by ID

It is assumed you already know how to add a new page or edit an existing page in website admin and you have that page open in edit mode.

  • In the ‘Page Type’ section (top right hand side of page) select ‘Extra Content’ as ‘iBex Room Details’.
    There could be a few options (eg. iBex Property Features) dependant upon the website theme you are using.
  • In the ‘Page Type’ section you will now have the field ‘Room ID’ under the ‘Extra Content’ field.
  • In ‘Room ID’ field enter a room ID from iBex (as obtained above) or leave field blank to display all room types.
  • Click +Add more button to add further room IDs, click – button to remove any added in error
  •  Click ‘Update’ button when finished.