post-01Post are articles or entries that are displayed in reverse chronological order in a website. In contrast to pages, posts usually have comments fields beneath them that allow your visitors to write and send feedback.

After we have activated the Blog functionality to your website you can find the Post options in your website admin area menu (see image).

Click on the tabs below to learn more about how to create and publish posts in your blog.


To create a new post you have two options:

  1. From your website admin menu go to Post and then click on Add New.
  2. From the Post screen click on Add New button at the top.


To add content to your posts is very similar to adding content to pages, once you create a new post the New Post screen will be presented to you:


  1. At the top of the screen add a title for your post – in the screen example below we have added ‘New Cafe to Open’ as a post title.
  2. Just under the title you can also edit the Permalink for your post (see image above), the use of keywords in permalinks is recommended for SEO purposes.
  3. Use the Visual Editor to add content, text and images to display in your post.
  4. In the Categories module (right hand side panels) choose the category for your post.
    note: you can select more than one category if needed.
  5. If you are happy with your post and ready to publish it click on Publish button in your Publish module.
    Note that you can also save your post as a Draft before you decide to make it live, so you can save what you have at the moment and come back later to finish your post.