For our iBex clients (which CMS websites are integrated with their iBex account) some of their website content is read from your iBex account and other content can be directly entered in WordPress.

Choosing Page Type -> Extra Content will define where the information comes from (iBex or WordPress).

As you can see in the image below the different templates available for your theme will be displayed in the Extra Content drop down menu under Page Type settings.

The first one is called None, this template will display content directly from the WordPress content area. The following are available templates:

  • iBex Booking Screen (calendar)
    This is the new front booking screens. The FBS template used is specified in your website Theme Options -> iBex Config
  • iBex Availability Summary
    This is the iBex legacy availability calendar
  • iBex Enquiry Screen
    This is an enquiry form that will send an on request booking to your iBex account
  • iBex Contact Details
    Basic contact details taken from your Manage Property page in iBex
  • iBex Room Details
    Room descriptions and images all pulled dynamically from iBex
  • iBex Property Facilities
    Basic property facilities details taken from your Manage Property page in iBex
  • iBex Booking Policies
    Booking policy details taken from your Manage Property page in iBex


note: templates will vary depending on your theme.

Make changes from WordPress instead of pulling information from iBex.

If your page is pulling data from iBex and you prefer to make your updates for this page directly from WordPress follow the steps bellow:

  1. Open the page in Edit mode and in Page Type box locate the Extra Content drop down menu.
  2. Click to display the template list and select None.
  3. Enter your text, images, etc into the content area and click Update.