A WordPress website is basically built using a database (where all your content is stored) and a theme (which is the look of the site).

Our websites themes have a number of colours set available, or an infinite colour option selector through a colour picker. Also you can select from different font families, sizes and font colours to give your website a new look. You might be surprise how these little changes can give your site a whole new style.

Now if you want to give your site a total make over you have the option to change your theme completely. From when you chose your theme, other new themes have since been developed. Take a look at our themes pages to see all options:

Themes for Single Property Websites

Themes for Multi Property Websites

Themes for CMSWebsite2Go (General Businesses)

When you change the theme you won’t loose your content – since you will keep the same database you have always have. It is only a change in look and style. This process needs to be performed by one of our web team members to make your change over to the new theme as smooth as possible.

We offer two options to change your website theme to the new look:

  1. Production switch
    We will install and activate the new theme on your live website address and make the required adjustments to the website while it is live. While we do as much preparation work as possible this will still require site downtime of approx 60 minutes. Your website can be set in Maintenance Mode during this .

  2. Switch through a temporary address and then into production
    We will install and activate the new theme on a temporary address. This will give you the time you need to get familiar with the new theme and make all the changes and adjustments you want prior to installing the  theme live on your permanent address. Once you feel that your new theme is ready we will make the switch. This option will significantly reduce down-time for your website (a couple of minutes only).

Our web team is always working on developing new designs and adding new functionalities to our websites – if you have any questions about our new themes or about styling your website don’t hesitate to contact us at support@seekom.com.