When you  add a new property in to your Seekom iBex multi property site you will also need to add it into your website. You will have the option of displaying standard property information on your website page sourced from your iBex account or customising the property page template to add addition content not available from iBex.

For the instructions below you will first need to obtain the iBex property ID for each property you wish to add to your website. Click here for instructions.

Follow the instructions below to add a new property page to your website:

  1. Log into your website administration.
  2. From the menu at left select Properties | Add New
  3.  Enter the property name in the page title field
    See example below.

  4. From the menu at left select ‘Properties | Add New’
  5. Scroll down to Map Ref field and enter the address for the property.
    If the address is validated by Google a map will display to the right of the address field.
    See example below.

  6. Scroll down to Page Settings panel and in the SEO tab complete Page Title, Page description and Page Keywords fields.
    Note: META title description and keywords no longer pull from the iBex system but instead are set in the individual property web page.
  7. If you are using an ‘off the shelf design’ configure Page Format options in right hand side of page edit mode.
  8. Scroll to Property Settings panel (also in right hand side of page edit mode).
  9. At Property ID field enter iBex Property ID.
  10. If this property is to display as a featured property check ‘yes’ at Featured Property field.
  11. At Country field, select the country where this property is situated.
  12. At Region field, select the region where this property is situated.
  13. At Location field, select the location where this property is situated.
  14. At Type field, select property type that applies to this property.
  15. At Features field, tick features that are valid for this property.
  16. At Property Photo % Width field, set as required.
  17. At Room Photo % Width field, set as required.
  18. At Hide? field, tick any options that you wish to hide from displaying on the property page.
  19. If at step 6 you set this page to display a featured image, set a featured image in Featured Image section (right hand side of page edit mode).
    Tip: We recommend you follow add/crop slides instructions to optimally size your featured header image.
  20. Click the blue ‘Publish’ button (right hand side of page edit mode).

If you wish to have a customised property page layout we use the visual page builder to achieve this. Contact Seekom Web Support to assist you in setting up your design or ask us to quote design set up. Once a visual page builder property page template has been created it only adds a few steps to those above.