We have been working on a number of updates to our content managed (CMS) template websites and will shortly commence upgrading user sites. Key details are provided below.

Site Administration Access

Some users have requested that site administration access is made less prominent and is moved from the website navigation menu. Per the screen shot below a link to Site Admin (highlighted in red in the screen image below) is placed at the footer of the web page. You can retain access within your menu if preferred.

site administration access

We have also added the template design and version No (highlighted in blue) to aid with support and maintenance.

Password access to the administration page has been removed. It is not required as links to website administration, logs and web domain/email management all require a user name and password to access.

Access to the site map has been moved to be accessed when logged into your site administration (Theme Options  > SEO).

New Theme Options

We have added a new framework to provide you with greater control in changing website settings but in what we hope is fairly intuitive and easy to set. We have included screen tips and links to help. However, please don’t hesitate to contact our support if you need personal assistance.

Our general business and single property website templates are very nearly ready for upgrade. Our multi property and tour website templates will follow shortly thereafter.

website theme optionsThe image at right (click to zoom) shows how you access the new ‘Theme Options’ once logged into your website administration.

Don’t forget to read ‘Recent News / Updates’ which are specific to our hosted website customers.

Theme Options – Sub Menus

There are a number of sub menus within ‘Theme Options’

  • General / Colour (applies to all website types)
  • Typography (applies to all website types)
  • iBex Config (applies to iBex integrated websites only)
  • iBex Rooms (applies to iBex integrated single property websites only)
  • iBex Rate Cal (applies to iBex integrated websites only)
  • SEO (applies to all website types)
  • Error Trapping (applies to all website types)
  • CSS / Script (applies to all website types)
  • Backup / Restore (applies to all website types)

We will outline options in each sub section below.

General / Colour

In this section you will control website colours, default background and or header images, logo panel content. Click here to view an example screen.


theme options - typographyHere you set font styles, colours and weight (normal, bold, etc) for the various elements of your website. Now included is full access to the Google fonts library so you are no longer limited to simple fonts such as Arial, Verdana and Times New Roman. Better still, you can preview what the font will look like before saving changes. The image to the right provides an example of this screen (click to zoom).


SEO / Search Engine Optimisation

SEO In this section you set your default META tags (site title, sit description and key words). Here too you can view your site map and we also provide links to guides on optimisation and Google AdWords. 

All Seekom iBex website users will now set default site wide META tags here instead of within iBex. Multi Property and Tour system users should also continue to set property/tour specific META tags within iBex.

page speicfic SEOSome users have been using WordPress plugin ‘ Platinum SEO’ to vary META tags by web page. Unfortunately we have found it is not unusual when new web pages are added that META tags are missed being set. We have therefore added the ability for your to customise individual page META tags (at the foot of your page when open in edit mode – refer image to right) without Platinum SEO and if individual pages to not have custom META tags set then default site wide settings will apply.

Error Trapping

error trappingIn this section you set what message you wish to be displayed if a website visitor tries to access an invalid page address on your website. You can also set whether or not you wish to display a site map on your error trapping page.


CSS / Script

css / scriptThis section is for advanced users/web developers only. Here you can extensively amend website styling beyond functionality provided in colour/typography sections above. You can also add script to your website header/footer (eg. tracking codes).


Backup / Restore

This section enables you to backup and restore changes to theme settings

iBex Config

iBex ConfigHere you set iBex account connection options (eg. operator and property ID), agent code, booking page address (for connection by date pickers and availability calendars) and booking screen style. 

The screen example to right is for a single property website.



iBex Rooms
 iBex integrated single property websites only

iBex Rooms page settingsThis screen controls elements on the ‘rooms’ page of your website (if rooms page template is set). The screen image to right (click to zoom) shows what elements can be amended and hidden/displayed.



iBex Rate Cal 

iBex Rate Cal SettingsWe do have wonderful new booking screens coming (eta May) which you can style yourself however in the interim we are providing the option for you to amend availability calendar colours and settings yourself.

When the new screens are available these be incorporated into all our iBex integrated websites.


Other New Functionality

per page background and accentSome of our website themes also include functionality to customise colours and optionally background images on a per page basis. Where a theme support this functionality you will see a panel at the footer of the page when opened in edit mode. See example screen image to right (click to zoom).