A blog is a website, or area of a website, that displays articles or entries which are typically displayed in a reverse chronological order. These articles are called posts.

We use WordPress as CMS (Content Management System), this means that our websites are created using static pages.

A blog typically consists of:

  • A main content area (category listing), where all the posts within a category are displayed one after another, usually the most recent post at the top.
  • An area where visitors can leave comments.

Some blogs can have additional features beyond these basics, like archives of old posts, RSS feeds and links to other blogs.

Some benefits of blogging for business

Connect with customers – a blog is a great way to keep your customers interest. Blogging is an efficient and powerful way to share useful and relevant information with them. It is also one of the most valuable tools that businesses have to engage with customers and ultimately make their life easier.

Increase website traffic – posting new articles often will bring people to your blog and therefore to your website. Remember that in SEO quality content is highly important, so provide interesting and useful information and apply your keywords within. Search Engines love valuable content and they will reward you for it.

Gives your business a voice and a personality – people like to feel connected and engaged with the businesses they choose, your blog will show them who you are, what you think and how hard you work to provide the best service. Your blog is like a journal you are sharing with them, and that will create a genuine connection.

Exchange ideas – your customers are able to share ideas and feedback with you through your blog comments, use this to create a conversation channel with them, they will feel more connected with you and you can improve your service or product.