An optional feature of multi property sites is to provide website visitors with the capability of building a ‘favourite’ list of properties.

Users can add a property to their favourites list from the properties directory listing page or from an individual property listing page by clicking on the ‘Add to favourites’ link.


If a property has already been added to their favorites link it will be highlighted as shown below. Clicking the link again will remove it from their favourites list.

 favourites (active)

If ‘favourites’ has been activated for your multi property website a ‘View / Clear Favourites’ accordion will be provided towards the top of the properties directory page.


Clicking the + symbol will expand the accordion container and clicking the – symbol will collapse an expanded accordion container.


Once expanded, your website visitor will have quick links to properties they have ‘favourited’. They also have the option to clear their favourites list.

A favourites menu option is also added to your  website enabling access to the favourites list from any website page.

Contact Seekom Web Support if you would like to have the ‘favourites’ option activated or deactivated.