It is possible to add slideshows to your dynamic rooms pages for single property websites, and to directory and property pages for multi property websites as shown below:

Custom Slideshows
Custom Slideshows

Previously you were only able to have one image per room type for these pages, as the photos are coming from your iBex account. However you can now create slideshows for each room type from within your website.

Slideshow instructions have been separated into the same ‘tab’ areas as in the Slideshow Settings.


  • Go to Media / Images > Manage Slideshows from your dashboard menu.
  • Click on the Add New button.
  • Add the name of your new slideshow into the Enter Title Here field. We would recommend this to be the room ID or Room name from iBex.
  • You will then need to add in any room images to the slideshow:
    – You can drag images into this area from your computer,
    – Click the Select Files button to upload new images from your computer,
    – Or you can click on the ‘Click Here To Insert Images From Other Sources’ button, which will allow you to select images from your websites media library.
  • Once the images have uploaded you are able to click and drag on the images to rearrange the order if you wish:



  • You can add in a Caption, Title, and Alt Text for each image by clicking in the blue information icon above each image.
  • Once you have finished adding images you will need to click on the Config tab at the top of the page.


You may experiment with the Config settings if you wish to alter the  slideshow appearance, however for best results we recommend the settings below:

Slider Theme – Base

Slider Dimensions:

  • For Desktop slideshows we recommend 800 x 600 px.

Slider Transition:

  • We recommend Scroll Horizontal or Fade.

Slider Transition Duration – 7000 ms.

Slider Transition Speed – 1000 ms.

Slider Position – None.

Slider Gutter – None.

Caption Position – Bottom.

Caption Transition Delay – 0 ms.

Autostart Slider – We would recommend to have this option unticked, as it could look quite ‘busy’ on the page having all slideshows auto scrolling.

Show Slider Arrows – This option will give you Arrow buttons to control the slider, which work best especially if you are using captions on your images.

Show Slider Control Nav – This option will give you coin/circle icons to control slideshow.

Show Pause/Play Controls – Leave this option unticked

Pause On Hover – Leave this option unticked

Pause On Navigation – Leave this option unticked

Enable Mousewheel Navigation – Leave this option unticked

Loop Slider – Leave this option ticked

Randomize Slider – Leave this option unticked

Enable Keyboard Navigation – Leave this option ticked

Use CSS Transitions – Leave this option ticked

Use Adaptive Height – Leave this option ticked

Set Dimentions On Images – Leave this option unticked

Crop Images In Slider – Leave this option ticked

Slider Delay – 0 ms.

Start On Slide – Set as 0.

ARIA Live Value – Polite.


Follow the settings below:



Enable Slider Thumbnails?

We recommend to leave this option unticked.

You can now click to blue Update button to save the slideshow. Your slideshow will now have a Shortcode displayed on the right hand side of the page. Copy this shortcode and add to your Accommodation page layout.