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Create A Gallery

Edit A Gallery


The Gallery Module allows you to insert a gallery of images into a row. You can choose that gallery of images from your WordPress Media Library. The Gallery Module has several settings and even allows captions to be displayed.

To get started, select the Gallery option from your Page Builder menu. If you can’t see your menu, click the ‘Add Content’ button to reveal the menu options.

Select Advanced Modules to expand these options.

Click and hold your mouse on Gallery, and drag this into the position on your page where you would like your Gallery to display. You will be presented with a popup as below, where you can choose a number of options.


Choose between Collage, or Thumbnails for the display of your Gallery
Unless you are using the same sized images in your Gallery, Thumbs will look tidier. Otherwise images will all be different sizes.

We will leave this selected as Media Library, and choose images from here.

Click the Create Gallery link to start selecting images from your Media Library

Photo Spacing
Select specific spacing for the gap between images in your Gallery

Show Captions
Choose whether to display any captions that you may have added to images.

Click Action
Typically we would leave this as Lightbox, which means the image can be expanded when clicked, so views can see the images larger and scroll through your Gallery.

Add images to a Gallery

Click the Create Gallery link as per the options above.

You will be taken to your Media Gallery where you can choose to upload images from your computer/device, or you can click and select as many images as you wish from your Media Library.

When finished click the ‘Add To Gallery’ link.


You will then see a screen where you can either delete images; re-order images; or add captions to images.

To delete an image, click the ‘X’ on the top right of the image.

To re-order your images, clcik and drag any image to a new position.

To add captions, simply type in the field below the image.


When you are finished, click the ‘Update Gallery’ button -> then click ‘Save’.

Sometimes you may not see your Gallery displayed straight away. Click the ‘Done’ button on the top right, and then ‘Publish Changes’ button to save the page.

Your Gallery will now be visible.