If you have the new generation booking screens enabled in iBex you have the ability to create multiple booking screen templates with different styling, filtering and conditions. Contact Seekom Support for more information and/or to arrange set up.

If you have created multiple booking templates then you may wish to create multiple booking pages in your website linked to different templates. Examples of use might be favoured agents, landing pages, events and high season dates – the possibilities are endless.

Below are instructions on how to set booking pages linked to new generation booking screens.

IMPORTANT: You have a default and correct booking template ID set at Theme Options > iBex Config.


Instructions on how to set page linked to new generation front booking screens follow:

  • Open an existing page in edit mode or create a new page.
  • Set Page Type – Extra Content to iBex Booking Screen.
  • The Template ID, and Agent ID settings section will then display.
  • In field Template ID enter an iBex Booking Template ID or leave blank to use default
  • In field Agent ID enter an iBex Agent ID or leave blank
  • Click Publish or Update button.