Most of our themes allows you to display a slideshow or featured image in you website header, and those header dimensions varies from one theme to another.

With the Add & Crop Slides option you can crop images to match those dimensions. So you don’t need any graphic software skills to perform this task.

If you wish to re-size and crop images before loading them into your website (or into Seekom iBex) we recommend (an online tool).


  1. From Media/Images click on Add & Crop Slides, the Custom header screen will open.
  2. In Select Image section you will see two option to upload your image:
    – Choose image from your computer – click on Choose file, select a file and then click Upload
    – Choose and image from you Media Library – select the require image and click on Set as Header button
  3. As you can see in the image below your image will have a highlighted area that indicates the area to be cropped. Hover over with your mouse and hold with the left mouse button to move this area around.
    Once you are happy with the position of the cropping area click on Crop and Publish button below the image.
    note: the size of this image sample is for a particular theme, your slides images may look different in term of dimensions but the process is exactly the same.
  4. Once you have cropped your slide they will be displayed in the Header Images screen (see image). You can create as many slides as you like. They will be stored in your Media Library ready to use in your website.
    note: this option create a new file with the cropped image – the original size image it’s still available in your Media Library