With our CMS Websites you can add as many pages as you want. Watch our video or follow the instructions below.

Adding a Page Video



  1. Click on ‘Pages’ link in left panel.
  2. Click ‘Add New’ link under Pages heading in left panel (see image).
    Add new page screen will be displayed in edit mode.
  3. Enter page menu title in the field at the top (you will see Enter title here, see image below)
    Tip: Keep this as short as possible as there is limited space available.
  4. Click into the content area and enter your page heading plus any additional text and images you like.
  5. At style formatting selector (see yellow box in image)
    select Heading 2 for main headings (titlles) and Heading 3 for sub headings (sub-titles). This will ensure consistency of text styling in your web pages.
    Tip: If you cannot see the style formatting selector you will need to click the kitchen sink icon (see pink box in image).
  6. In the right hand panel under Page Type you can select the following:
    Header Type:
    Depending on your theme you can select Slideshow Header, Featured Image Header, or Short (No Header).
    Page Style:
    Here you can select to have a Right Sidebar, Left Sidebar, or No Sidebar.
    Extra Content:
    Here you can select to pull through any iBex content such as Booking Screens or Enquiry Screen etc. Please note that this content will not show when you are in Edit Mode, and any additional content you add to the page will be displayed above the iBex content.
  7. In right hand panel will be the Page Attributes panel.
  8. At field Parent select which page this new page should be attached to as a sub menu item, or select No Parent if you wish this page to be a Top Level Menu Item.
  9. Under the Order field you can select the order that this page will appear in your menu, either as a Top Level or Sub menu item.
  10. When you are finished editing the page click Publish button in right-hand panel to publish the page. Otherwise you can click Save Draft if you want to save but not publish the page. Your Draft pages will be available to edit next time by going to Pages -> Directory View.