WordPress allows you to store a set of external links, so you can display them with the links widgets if you wish. We usually display this link list on the footer area.

You can locate your Links Manager from your website admin menu > Links (see image to the right)

In the Link Manager screen your links are displayed in a tabular format. Each link is a row in the table, and the table has the following columns:

Name – The name of the link (in bold) and its description.
URL – The URL (location) of the link.
Categories – The categories the link is in.
Visible – Whether or not the link is visible to visitors on your site.

Click on the tabs below for instructions on how to add, delete or edit a link from your Links Manager

How to Add a Link


  1. Click on Links on your website administration menu. The Links Manager screen will be displayed.
  2. Click on Add New button at the top of the screen, or the Add New link in left panel menu.
  3. In Name field add the name for your link – in this example we called it Metservice New Zealand.
  4. In Web Address add the URL of the web page you’re linking to, with the http:// – in our case:
  5. Add a Description (optional) for your link – this will be shown when hover over the link.
  6. In Categories tick the categories for this link. Links can be put into multiple categories. (see image above)
  7. The Target specified where the page will appear when visitors clicks on the link.
    There are three options:
    _blank open the link in a new window or tab
    _top if you’re using frames, open the link at the top level of the frame system
    none open the link in the same window or frame (ticked by default)
    tip: we recommend to select the _black target to open the link in a new window or tab, so your site is not closed and your visitor does not go away from it.
  8. When you finish setting all the options you are interested in, click Add Link in right hand side panel to add the new Link to your Link manager.
    You can also hide the link (temporary or permanently) by ticking the Keep this link private option.

How to Delete a Link


  1. Open you Link Manager screen by clicking on Link on website administration menu.
  2. From the table list of links, identify the link you wish to delete. Hover over this entry and click the Delete link below to delete it.
    note: you will not have a chance to recover from this delete. It makes a permanent change to the database.
  3. A popup window should appear. Choose OK or Cancel if you have click the Delete link by accident.


How to Edit a Link


  1. Open you Link Manager screen by clicking on Links on left panel menu.
  2. From the table list of links, identify the link you wish to edit. Hover over this entry and click the Edit link below to edit it.
  3. The Edit Link screen will be open. From here you can make any change to your link such Name, Web Address, Description, Categories and Target.
  4. When finishing editing your link click on Update Link button at right hand side panel,

Display your links in your website

Once you have save your links you can display them in you website footer, sidebar, etc.


  1. Go to General Settings > Widgets
  2. In Available Widgets area locale the Links Widget 
  3. By drag n drop move the widget to the widget area to the right (sidebar, footer, etc)
    see example on image below, we have placed the link widget inside the Footer 2 area, this means that our link list will be displayed in the second footer area in our site.
  4. Click on the arrow to the right of the Link Widget to expand. Set your preferences and click Save if you have made any change.
  5. Now you are ready to go to your site and check your link list displayed.